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How can agroecology deliver climate justice in Africa

A farmers' perspective on next steps beyond COP26

The webinar 'How Can Agroecology Deliver Climate Justice in Africa? A Farmer's Perspective,' is hosted by the Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmers Forum and Southern Africa Trust, in partnership with Climate Justice- Just Transition Donors Collaborative.

Despite landmark programs such as the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program, the Maputo Declaration 2005 and the Malabo Declaration 2014, Africa is still a net food importer. Recent FAO statistics show there is growing poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Africa. The effects of climate change, land degradation and the COVID-19 pandemic make matters even worse, especially for small-scale farmers.

They are, however, also the first to adapt. There are a wide range of local solutions championed by small-scale farmers’ organizations. Agroecology has gained some traction in recent years as a more systemic approach to a just and sustainable transformation of agriculture. This pan-African webinar will bring together about 200 small-scale farmers and their organisations from East, West, Central and Southern Africa as well as civil society representatives, philanthropic donors and multinational organisations.

The event will focus on three issues:

1. Reflect on the recently concluded United Nations Food Systems Summit and COP26, and what they mean for agroecology and small-scale farming in Africa.

2. Discuss how agroecology can be a pathway to climate justice and resilience in Africa.

3. Learn about African small-scale farmers' work and assess their needs in the field.

The webinar is hosted via Zoom and registration is free.




13:00 - 14:30

Coordinated Universal Time

13:00 - 14:30



Eastern and Southern Africa Small-Scale Farmers Forum

Robert Bosch Stiftung

Southern African Trust

How can agroecology deliver climate justice in Africa

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