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Global Soil Week 2019: Creating an Enabling Environment for Sustainable and Climate Resilient Agriculture in Africa

The Global Soil Week has been a platform for bringing together stakeholders and partners since 2012, both in Berlin and Nairobi. The Global Soil Week (GSW) 2019 will bring together governments, civil society organisations and different groups of land users who support and implement soil restoration and sustainable land management activities on the ground. Thematically, GSW 2019 will focus on ‘Creating an Enabling Environment forSustainable and Climate Resilient Agriculture in Africa’ and take place in Nairobi in May 2019.

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Side Events

Youth in Soil (YiS) Workshop

Prior to the Global Soil Week, the Youth in Soil (YiS) workshop will bring together young participants who have significant interest in contributing to the advancement of sustainable and climate resilient agriculture, as well as to promote information exchange (social media reporting) amongst the wider global community about the conference and the topics of discussion.

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IKI Side Event

Following the Global Soil Week (GSW), the IKI funded Climate-SDGs Integration Project: Supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda through ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) is organizing a side-event named: “Projects never fail, and projects never scale…” – Lessons from the GSW: How to improve donor-funded projects to create a more enabling environment for upscaling Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA)?

As the title indicates, the side-event will discuss the current approaches on upscaling EbA, addressing the main question of how successful EbA interventions can be continued in the long-term, for better integrating EbA into policies and to ensure long-term sustainability in EbA investments. These topics will be addressed in a plenary discussion with key EbA practitioners, decision-makers and investors to arrive at meaningful insights and recommendations.

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