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HLPF Side Event: Landscape Restoration for Food Security and Climate Adaptation

  • Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations 871 United Nations Plaza New York, NY, 10017 United States (map)

IISD Report

Keynote Speech

TMG Research gGmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development will host a side event at this years High Level Political Forum (HLPF) for Sustainable Development.

Terrestrial ecosystems, from agricultural landscapes to forests, or wetlands degrade at alarming rates. The effect is a loss in essential ecosystem services, such as food production, and a loss in biodiversity and soil productivity itself. Yet, sustainable and resilient societies will become a futile objective, if these degradation trends continue unabated. Stakeholders around the world are taking steps to halt or reverse these trends. National and international policies and programs are designed to avoid and reverse land degradation and to restore degraded ecosystems. The LDN Target Setting Process, 4 per 1000, and Bonn Challenge/AFR 100 are three of the more prominent examples in this regard.

This side event showcases successful initiatives from Benin and Ethiopia where sustainable soil management and landscape restoration help societies to become more food secure and increase resilience to drought and climate change. It highlights forest landscape restoration activities (SDG 15.2) and soil rehabilitation measures implemented under the broader umbrella of land degradation neutrality (SDG.15.3). Building on selected successful initiatives the side event discusses conditions for up-scaling sustainable land management. To that end, it examines the role of economic and non-economic valuation approaches of natural capital that account for the enhanced ecosystem services of restored landscapes (SDG 15.9).

Previous experiences have shown that avoiding and reversing land degradation will only be sustainable, if it considers long-term effects as well as immediate concerns of those using the resources. Presenters at the side event will therefore adopt perspectives that link SDG 15 to poverty reduction (SDG 1), food security (SDG 2), gender equality (SDG 5), clean water (SDG 6), Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG 12), and climate change mitigation and adaptation (SDG 13).